Adventure trip in Colombia visiting the capital of extreme sports: San Gil. An unique oportunity to experiment paragliding, speology and rafting plus a charming walk in the most beautiful town in Colombia: Barichara, to meet the history of the stone streets. Also, you can enter to the Chicamocha Park to use the cable car to admire the Chicamocha Valley, visit some Santander culture monuments,  the ostrich park, buggies, jumping, canopy and many other activities.


  • Paraglider

    The practice of paragliding is realized in Curiti, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain landscape with spectacular sunsets.


    Watersports - rafting

    The Fonce River seems like perfectly formed for adventures.

  • Speleology

    Being immersed in the depth of the earth is incredible when you can see formations of stalagmites and stalactites formed thousands of years ago.

  • Barichara

    Barichara "The prettiest village in Colombia," where the quiet atmosphere of its streets, the stone buildings and the charm of its architecture earned it the title National Monument in 1978


  • 2 Nights of accommodation in a rural hotel in San Gil with pool, jacuzzi and green zones
  • 2 Breakfast - 2 meals
  • Rafting activities in Fonce River
  • Paragliding in Curiti
  • Speology in the Cow Cave - 2 hours
  • Transfers to the places where the activities are carried on
  • Assitance Card for Extreme Activities

Price per person in Double Accommodation: USD 285

Price per person in Single Accommodation: USD 315

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