The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is an extraordinary mountain formation where emerge the highest coastal mountain in the world and allows the existence of various ecosystems ranging from pristine beautiful beaches to mountains with 5,000 meters peaks, possibly for this wonderful combination of mountain and sea the ancient Tayrona indigenous tribes decided to establish their settlements, leaving today an invaluable archaeological legacy that can be accessed and appreciate with this unique trekking to discover The Lost City - La ciudad perdida.

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  • DAY 1

    On the first day we’ll be picking you up at your hotel then we’ll go for adventurous 2 1/2 hour drive by 4x4 to the small countryside town of Mamey. After having lunch, we’ll set off for a hike taking an estimated 3 hours to reach our first sleeping area. The overall climb on the first day is about 520 meters with regular snack breaks and a hearty meal by candlelight when you reach your destination.

    Day 2

    The second day is a hike of 4 hours to our next sleeping area passing an indigenous village. You will be adequately hydrated with fresh fruits along the way. Getting to our destination early, we will have plenty of time to relax and get acquainted with fellow tour hikers or take a swim in the nearby river or just relax. 

    Day 3

    This journey is one of the most challenging days of the trek crossing around nine times the Buritaca river Finishing the 4 1/2 hours hike when we reach the third camp where we will spend the night.

    Day 4

    Starting early in the morning, we will begin climbing an estimated 660 meters. The final hike to Ciudad Perdida will be one step at a time climbing up 1200 awkwardly shaped steps. Reaching the top, Here We will have magnificent views overlooking the dense jungle and rugged terrain, making the moment even more special. Exploring the Lost City for about 3 1/2 hours, we will get a better understanding of how large and spectacular it is. When we finished, we will go back to the camp where we stayed the second night.

    Day 5

    If you decide to sign up the 5-day trek, we will be heading home on the fifth day after making it back to the small town of Mamey then going back to Santa Marta or Taganga. (5 hours of walking)

    Day 6

    (Optional) If you join the 6-day trek, you have a short but demanding day of hiking on the fifth day bringing you back to the camp where you stayed on the first night. 


    • Transportation (4x4) roundtrip.
    • Lodging in hammocks, beds, or tents with mosquito nets and blankets
    • Meals, fruits, and snacks
    • Service of local guides, MULE CARRIERS FOR FOOD AND LODGING STUFF
    • Entry to the Archeological Park and the national park
    • Travel insurance
    • Indigenous and rural communities contribution
  • It´s recommended to carry the following items:

    • Small or medium backpack
    • Sneaker or boots and sandals or flip flops
    • Sleeping bag (optional)
    • T-shirts and shorts
    • Sweater shirt and long trousers
    • Two plastic bags
    • Swimwear
    • Towel
    • Socks
    • Insect repellent
    • Sunscreen
    • Bottle for water first day (rest of the days we take water from wells, guide carries tablets).
    • Personal Medication
    • Camera
    • Flashlight (optional)
  • Important information

    Teyuna is a sacred place for Native people; please remember to respect the past and the customs of the town.

    Respect the privacy of farmers and Indigenous, do not come into their houses or take pictures without asking them first.

    Please consider that is a raining, humid and tempered zone with cool nights between 18° and 22°. 

    Take just the essential equipment, the weight of your backpack is a crucial factor for your comfort.

    Make sure to feel on fit. 

    Bring all the garbage back to Santa Marta. 

    The natural park and the archeological zone does not have garbage recollection service. 

    Take care and respect all you find, do not damage the natural and cultural goods.

    Inside the park there is no signal for mobile phones, so let know to your family and friends that you will have communication once you get back to Santa Marta.

    Please follow the guide’s recommendation.

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