If you are fantasizing about your upcoming beach gateway, read this blog to get unusual ideas to plan your trip to Colombia.  

Around Islands and Mangroves

Start your first stop at Coveñas, a welcoming town with two large Coves. This is the starting point to get a feeling of the Caribbean and explore the rich nature in the nearby mangroves. 

The next day, visit a fishing town like Tolu and roll around the small pier. From this place take a speed boat to head off Tintipan Island. Besides relaxing on a pretty beach, try different activities such as snorkel, fluorescent phantom watching at night, visit Santa Cruz del Islote "the most densely populated island on the world"


Visiting National Park Rosario Island and Tierrabomba

40 minutes away from Cartagena, you can get to any of the gorgeous islands that belong to Rosario National Park. Any of those islands are the perfect place to deeply relax and escape from everything. After a few days, take a speed boat to Tierrabomba, a large island to get a spectacular view from Cartagena. 


 Explore mysterious Guajira shores

If there is an exceptional place in Colombia, that is Guajira. Besides having kilometers of beautiful beaches, it is the territory that hosts a part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This last one is an incredible mountainous formation that makes it possible to enjoy a great variety of plants and animals by its varied altitude. In just 42 kilometers its altitude ranges from 0 meters to 5,000 meters.

Therefore, its coasts are adorned with breathtaking tropical forests that create the illusion of being in paradise, wait a moment, this is a paradise!

Start this trip on Palomino, a fishing town that had changed in the last years to become a desired tourism spot, but still worth to visit it. Then, drive north until getting Camarones Beach, you can feel here a distinct landscape, ochre-colored sand, and soothing sea with little or almost no infrastructure in the area. This way there's only you, the wind and the waves. After a few days visit Punta Gallinas. Embarks on an adventure to the northernmost point of South America, where the desertic landscape blends in perfect symphony with the deep blues of this remote coastline. 


At any point in the immensity of the Colombian Coast is worth visiting.