The Super Bowl Show for 2020 will be full of Latin talent. The main show will be head by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira and at their side will be "Swing Latino", a group of 24 dancers from Colombia.

The salsa group created in 1995 in Cali had won seven times the salsa world championship. For the super bowl show, these dancers are preparing themself to provide an amazing performance to over 100 million viewers that connect to enjoy the most famous sports event in the United States.

This professional dancing group was created by Luis Eduardo Hernandez in 1995. Hernandez, better known as "Mulato" born in Arauca - Palestina, in the Cauca department in Colombia. Since he was five years old moved to Cali with his family. In 1982 started his artistic career in an art program called "El Diamante", since then he had been involved in the salsa scene in Cali and is devoted to training dancers from vulnerable neighborhoods in Cali. He is also the director of "Salsodromo" during the Cali Fair that takes place every December in Colombia.

"Mulato" also shares how he met Jennifer Lopez and Marck Anthony. It was during the "Q vivan los choshen", a reality produced in 2010 in Los Angeles. Although Hernandez didn't want to participate in this reality due to he considered tv had a lot of tricks, the initial hearing in Medellin was successful and started a new path in the artistic scene. Since that time "Swing Latino" had been in various performances with Jennifer Lopez and now for the 2020 Super Bowl promises a show it a lot of "Latin taste".