• Bring light, fast drying clothes and large sleeve
  • Use a hat or a sombrero to avoid sunstrokes
  • Travel with a small and light luggage for the walks along the river
  • Use comfortable shoes and water resistant
  • First aid kit and natural repellent
  • It´s forbidden use repellent and perfumes inside the national park and close to the river


  • It´s very important to constantly drink enough water, as the humidity is very high. Preferably bring your own drinking bottle.
  • The yellow fever vaccination is mandatory.


  • Follow the instructions of the functionaries of the natural parks, guides and people that brings you the tourism services. Respect the rules of historical and religious places.
  • Take your garbage with you, don´t throw it in river. Carry it in garbage bags until you deposit in an adequate place for its treatment.
  • Save Water! Take short showers and turn off the air conditioner when you left your room.
  • Take care of the fauna and flora when you practice ecotourism, abstain to touch it because are very fragile.
  • Don´t but animals and reject the places where are exhibit in captivity.
  • Buy crafts and souvenirs, pay a fair price in that way you can help to support local artist and vulnerable communities.
  • Don´t scratch natural and cultural assets.



  • Macarena belongs to Ministry of Colombia`s program, Peace and Tourism that promotes a sustainable tourism in regions that were isolated because internal conflict of the last decades. Living Col signed a pact to promote and help to this program of community tourism.
  • It´s possible to observe archaeological remains in the Duda and Guayabero rivers, where is find petroglyphs and pictograms of indigenes cultures that lived in this areas.



In this geographical area converge the Amazon region, eastern plains and the Andes creating a link of high biodiversity. It is a unique area for their isolated mountainous conditions. Its geological formation is very important as it consists of sedimentary rocks; besides the Guayabero river has beautiful formations of weathered rock. In these formations lives plant seasonal flowers from May to December to embellish the scenery of this natural paradise