• Bring light, fast drying clothes and swimwear
  • You can use t-shirts, shorts, large pants and a light sweater to use in Salento.
  • A light blanket to use in the bus journey.
  • Use a hat or a sombrero to avoid sunstrokes
  • Travel with a small and light luggage, preferably with a rucksack.


  • It´s obligatory to use sun blocker all day
  • It´s very important to constantly drink enough water, as the humidity is very high. Preferably bring your own drinking bottle.
  • The yellow fever vaccination is not obligatory.


  • Follow the instructions of the functionaries of the parks and of the persons carrying out the services.
  • Take your garbage with you. Carry it in garbage bags.


  • Colombia has been recognized to produce the softest coffee in the world. Although coffee is grown in many regions in the country,  the most known area is the "Coffee Triangle" because its long tradition during centuries, for that reason deserved to be included into the list of World Heritage by Unesco.
  • If you buy crafts, pay an adequate and fair price, so that the local communities as well as you are satisfied.


Wax palm

Of the 11 species in the world, seven grow wild in Colombia. The wax palm of Quindio's national symbol, the highest and growing at higher altitudes on the planet.Remember that you are in a place of high biodiversity and taking care of it will preserve it for the next generations.