Los Nevados National Natural Park - Travel Tips

Clothing - What to bring for trekking in Los Nevados National Park - Colombia?

  • Bring light, fast drying clothes and large sleeve, various socks and t-shirts
  • Use sunglasses with solar protection above 50
  • Gloves, cap and a lamp.
  • Travel with a small backpack for the trek
  • Use comfortable shoes and water resistant
  • First aid kit and sunblock
  • Water resistant jacket
  • Bring a light blanket for the journey in bus

Health tips in trekking tours

  • It is recommendable to use sunblock cream all day
  • It is very important to constantly drink enough water. Preferably bring your own drinking bottle.
  • The yellow fever vaccination is not mandatory
  • Take time to acclimatize and take breaks during the treks to get use to the level.

Other recommendations

  • Follow the instructions of the functionaries of the natural parks, guides and people that brings you the tourism services. Respect the rules of historical and religious places.
  • Take your garbage with you, don´t throw it in the mountains or rivers. Carry it in garbage bags until you deposit in an adequate place for its treatment.
  • Save Water! Take short showers.
  • Take care of the fauna and flora when you practice ecotourism, abstain to touch it because are very fragile.
  • Don´t but animals and reject the places where are exhibit in captivity.
  • Buy crafts and souvenirs, pay a fair price in that way you can help to support local artist and vulnerable communities.
  • Don´t scratch or damage the frailejones.
  • Bring cash of low denomination.

Cultural heritage

The Los Nevados National Natural Park is populated by farmers living in adverse conditions that defy everyday life in the mountains, they are representatives of the Paramo culture or Paramo ecosystem. There are known for their pale skin and pink in her cheeks. To enjoy the journey, greet them and respect their home because they are the guardians of these ecosystems.

Hatural heritage



The protected area has around 61 hectars and is located in the Central Cordillera in the Andean region of the Andes in Colombia. Its extension is part of the departments of Tolima (Ibagué , Santa Isabel, Anzoategui, Villahermosa, Murillo, Casabianca, Herveo) Risaralda (Santa Rosa de Cabal and Pereira), Quindio (municipality of Salento) and Caldas (municipality of Villamaría). Los Nevados National Natural Park is the heart of the Colombian coffee region. The rivers that descend from their snowy peaks, water the farmlands, become it a productive and prosperous region.