• Bring light, fast drying clothes and swimwear
  • Use a hat or a sombrero to avoid sunstrokes
  • Travel with a small and light luggage
  • Use comfortable shoes and water resistant
  • First aid kit
  • Water resistant jacket


  • It´s recommendable to use sunblock cream all day
  • It´s very important to constantly drink enough water, as the humidity is very high. Preferably bring your own drinking bottle.
  • There is not toilette service in Cabo de la Vela, only in the Rancherias or cabins.
  • The yellow fever vaccination is not obligatory.


  • Follow the instructions of the functionaries of the natural parks, guides and people that brings you the tourism services. Respect the rules of historical and religious places.
  • Take your garbage with you, don´t throw it in the beaches. Carry it in garbage bags until you deposit in an adequate place for its treatment in Riohacha or next cities.
  • Save Water! Take short showers. Use the minimum of water for your personal use, is a scare resource for the community. Don´t waste it.
  • Buy crafts and souvenirs, pay a fair price in that way you can help to support local artist and vulnerable communities.
  • Take cash in low denomination, there is only cash machines of different banks in Riohacha.


  • La Guajira is a sacred territory for the indigenous people Wayuu and others. Respect and enjoy their traditions.
  • The Wayuu System is a special social order and the main character is the “palabrero”. Was declared world intangible heritage by UNESCO.


  • El Santuario de Flora y Fauna Los Flamencos and  the National Natural Park Macuira are protected areas by the state and you should respect its rules.
  • The natural symbol of la Guajira is the bird Cardenal Guajiro, a bird which stands for life, light, health and wisdom. Help us protect these birds.