• Bring light, fast drying clothes and swimwear
  • Use a hat or a sombrero to avoid sunstrokes
  • Travel with a small and light luggage for the walks into the park
  • Use comfortable shoes and water resistant
  • First aid kit
  • Water resistant jacket


  • It´s recommendable to use sunblock cream all day
  • It´s very important to constantly drink enough water, as the humidity is very high. Preferably bring your own drinking bottle.
  • The yellow fever vaccination is not obligatory.


  • Follow the instructions of the functionaries of the historical attractions, natural parks, guides and people that brings you the tourism services. Respect the rules of historical and religious places.
  • Take your garbage with you, don´t throw it in the beaches. Carry it in garbage bags until you deposit in an adequate place for its treatment.
  • Save Water! Take short showers and turn off the air conditioner when you left your room.
  • Take care of the coral reefs when you practice diving or snorkel, abstain to touch it because are very fragile and takes too much time in grow.
  • Buy crafts and souvenirs, pay a fair price in that way you can help to support local artist and vulnerable communities.
  • At the entrance into the NNP Tayrona there is an environmental talk which is mandatory.
  • Don´t damage or scratch natural and cultural assets.
  • Some elements are restricted as musical instruments, surfboards, alcohol and pets.



  • Santa Marta is the first city founded in Colombia and has been important in the history of the country, therefore it has an outstanding historical center with colonial architecture and buildings declared cultural property , among them La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino bringing together art and history of the independence of Colombia .
  • The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the highest coastal mountain in the world and the ancestral home of the descendants of the Tayrona indigenous ethnic group as the Arhuaco, Wiwa, Kogi and Kuankuamo. Respect their traditions and remember that you are a visitor in their sacred land.
  • The Archaeological Park of Lost City is located on the north side of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the upper river basin Buritaca between 900 m.a.s.l and 1200 m.a.s.l. Today indigenous Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo , inhabitants of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , claiming their right to this territory as descendants of the people who lived in the past. It can be seen in the extensive network of paths, stairs and internal stone terraces .




This park offers extraordinary beaches, rivers, dry forests and the highest mountain in Colombia. Within the wonderful mountains are two peaks of 5,775 meters; Cristobal Colon peak and peak Simon Bolivar. For its variety of ecosystems, climatic zones by the sea, its unique beauty and its historical and cultural heritage is a unique place to visit and was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1979.