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Why Colombia is Sabrosura? Around Colombian in 5 cheerful Songs

If you are planning to travel to Colombia and you feel deeply interested to explore in deep a country culture, this post is for you. Probably you had been searching about Colombia, finding out that this beautiful country has a delicious variety of cultures within its borders. The purpose of this post is to musicalize that search and to share you in context about each corner of our country, without skipping, of course, to showcase the Colombian artists that provide that particular flavor to music and life, this is sabrosura to the world!

Exploring the unknown path at the other side of Cocora Valley

When you think about tropics and paradise, probably some exotic palms with a coconut cocktail in a sandy beach jumps to your mind. What it is a little more unknown to some people is that palms can also grow among mountains, at high altitudes, such as the case of our beloved wax palm who is the celebrity in this story.

Colombian Music: A new tourism attraction for culture lovers


Colombia tourism has a significant boom in the last five years. According to official reports, international visitors growth in average 15% in the previous three years coming from the positive image delivered by the peace agreement.

Therefore, to continue fostering the positive tourism growth, Colombia´s new strategy consists in becoming music as a central aspect of the tourism offer, "Music is the new gastronomy" states the white paper recently launched by Procolombia and the World Tourism Organization.